Quilt motif 8 pointed star
Reverse echo quilting
LeMoyne Star
I used reverse echoing to show off Peggys Piecing.
Wow, I love how this turned out! The right angle motif is a free design by
Marie Eldredge found on the HQ website.

Oh SO much FUN to quilt!!!!!! I am trying to perfect my ruler work.
This was so cool to quilt!!!
Peggy’s ” Fireworks” Quilt
The Mermaid’s Fountain quilt needed a MERMAID!
The most difficult part was the hair. I wanted it to look like it was floating in water.
Her armor was inspired by the Valkyrie uniform from Marvel’s Thor Movie.
She has at least 10 layers of thread painting on her tail and hair.
The center of the Mermaids Fountain. What else could it be but a Mariners Compass?
I actually thread sketched it with silver glide thread, it provided more of a soft glisten so it did not detract from the quilt top color or piecing.
Oh.. A dad with his 2 offspring. I had so much fun quilting this. It’s one of the designs I quilted on Peggy’s”Mermaid Fountain” Quilt. It just kinda blends in. But, don’t you think a Mermaid would have friends over?
Another little family!
My first Quilt of Valor. I was so lucky to get this beautifully pieced quilt top.
I used parallel lines to accent the white star points and a right angle motif to highlight the blue points perfection!
You can better see the angular motif here. I used a matching thread so it did not conflict with the piecing. The right angle motif is a free design by
Marie Eldredge found on the HQ website.
This is my first attempt at reverse echoing. No, it’s not ruler work or the mark function. I actually used the area function to trace the ditch of the star. This was followed by reducing the size of the area by a quarter inch each time.
This picture doesn’t do this quilt justice. It is so beautiful. This is not an E2E quilting. I manipulated a Pro-Stitcher block design to fit the piecing on this Quilt of Valor. The outer border has a military insired motif in a metalic silver thread (Glide).
Aother Quilt of Valor, it had a distictive “Southwest feel” to it. So I enhanced it with straight line quilting.
This is a great back to show off the quilting! The microstippling too 8 hours to complete but it is worth it. Don’t you agree?
The texture is so cool.
My new friend Rosemary made this quilt for her son. She had most of this panel completed when I met her. All I did was to free motioned some of the scales on the dragon for her.
I designed this QOV for my Daughter (Roni) as well as to teach my Daughter-in-Law (Skye) how to sew (much of it was paper pieced).
Sky took to the long arm like a duck to water. She is a natural. How proud am I…Yes, you can imagine.
This pattern is Mirrored Diamonds Fat Quarter Quilt Pattern from Megan’s Tiny Orchard YouTube video. I didn’t have time to sew a Quilt but a pillow cover, That I could do.
Megan’s pattern again but with a contemporary twist.
A close up of the LAQ in progress
I used my long arm as an embroidery machine for this design.
These birdies needed a little wind.
This is the center of Karen’s Quilt
This is the Border of Karen’s Quilt in progress
A fun edge to edge
My version of Donna Jordan’s Fastest last minute Christmas tree
I really loved how this came out. I was surprised how it changed the the top from everyday to extraordinary. The piecing was perfection!
This is what I am working on today. I designed the crosshatch and ovals to work in this 100+ year old quilt top.