Quilting Charges

My quilting charges are on par with what other local quilting services charge. I do edge to edge (E2E) semi custom, custom, and art quilting. Art quilting takes longer because there is a lot more testing of design and techniques for a one of a kind product.

My charges start as follows:

  • E2E is $0.03 per square inch
  • Semi Custom is $0.05 per square inch
  • Mid Custom is $0.065 per square inch
  • Custom is $0.090 per square inch
  • Art is $0.12 per square inch
  •  I also have a minimum charge of $50 per customer.

For example, let’s say the first project you bring me is a baby quilt (36 inches by 36 inches), it will be $50.00 for an E2E because it is both your first project and the E2E charge doesn’t exceed the minimum charge of $50. 00. After your first item this minimum charge does not apply and it’s the charges noted above. So if you bring me 2 baby quilts (both 36 inches square) the the charge will be about $75.00 because this will surpass the minimum charge.

I do give discounts for my fellow FSQ guild members (in good standing) and for multiple projects. Please ask about them.