May 2019

 I worked with a friend, Peggy W., to quilt her 2 tops; the Mermaid’s Fountain and Fireworks.

The Mermaids fountain was a curved log cabin art quilt. My goal was to accent her piecing and use of color and not detract from Peggy’s beautiful workmanship. I thought simulating the flow of water through the chambers would be the toughest part. However,  I found a Japanese Sashiko design I liked and used it for inspiration. The hardest part was actually the Mermaids hair because it wouldn’t show up on the background. I wanted her to be subtle and not detract from the overall composition. But I also wanted her to appear to be floating in water as well as powerful and beautiful. 

Her Firework’s quilt just popped! I liked the way she used the dark background to give her stars a more celestial feel. I knew what I was going to do the first time I saw it. (See the gallery of stars). She actually won a first place for this quilt! Go Peggy!!!