Hello Quilting World!

     Wow, my first year is going fast! I have been so lucky to have so many people trust me with their quilts. Please visit the Gallery to see the results.
In January 2018, I joined the Friendship Star Quilters Guild located in Gaithersburg Maryland. Not only did I learn about new quilting techniques and about the “art form of quilting” but I met some truly wonderful people who care about the art as well as community service. This week we are having a Quilt Show at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.
     I submitted my first competition quilt, Astronova. My friend Lorie C. and I collaborated to create it. Our assigned theme was twinkling stars. We researched for inspiration and found that stars were born in nebulae and that black holes might regulate the star’s formation. After image searching, we became enthralled by a photo of black hole. We loved the play of color and texture and decided that this would be theme. Check out the gallery for a quick look.


3 thoughts on “Hello Quilting World!”

  1. Hello, I’m Shannon and I love to quilt! I try to quilt as often as I can. When I am not quilting, I am spending time with my grand daughters and doing school work.

  2. Hi I am Lisa in Columbia City, Indiana
    Hello Shannon! What state are you in and how long have you been quilting?
    I have been sewing or worked with fabric since I was 14. I started quilting when my first child got married. I wanted to make a Christmas quilt for their first year of marriage. Then I made a quilt for my first grandchild but because of an unexpected move, Carmen finished it for me, beautifully.
    Last year, well last year we could move about the country 2019 I started learning to long arm. I love robotic quilting! I have asked God in “Crazy Faith” for a long arm machine 2021!
    I just finished my first commission wall hanging with Carmen doing the long arm work as well.
    Now I am working on my first tread painting. Just bought my thread from Carmen this week!

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